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Digital Photo Copying

Businesses often require the use of a photocopier to make copies of important documents, booklets and other visual materials quickly and efficiently. At Creffield Digital Print, our team of professionals are more than capable of providing comprehensive digital photocopying services for the specific needs of our clients. With 128 years of experience behind us, Creffield Digital Print is the number one choice for photocopying in Melbourne and Victoria.


  • Print or photocopy A4 or A3 size documents
  • Print from most PC file formats, including pdf files
  • No limit on quantities – our photocopy service accepts small and large printing and photocopying requests
  • Double sided colour copies easily printed
  • A4 & A3 pages can be collated
  • Tab divider sets can be easily printed in banks of either 5 or 10, and collated into your documents
  • We can place coloured divider pages into your sets
  • Print or photocopy onto adhesive matt or clear film in either A4 or A3


  • Your document can be finished for presentation by binding with plastic comb or wire coil, clear front cover and card backing
  • Wire coils are available in black, white & silver
  • Silver coils add a stunning finish to your report
  • A4 & A5 documents up to approximately 120 pages long can be printed, folded and saddle stitched into booklets
  • Print project specifications and reports quickly, and return the same day
  • A3 pages are individually folded to open out easily within your documents
  • Or 3 hole drill and place into plastic ring binder

We can also scan and photocopy your A4 and A3 documents at very reasonable rates.


Choose Creffield Digital Print for the best photocopy services you can find. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to learn more.