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Shil Masterclass Lustre

Smooth satin finish with strong colour and detail rendering.

Need a classic photo lab print?

Sitting between a matte and a gloss, the lustre finish of this stock enhances the fine colour and details of a printed work. The texture of this stock allows for lifelike detail, and also avoids most of the glare of a high gloss finish.

Made on 300 gsm photo paper with a classic smooth satin sheen, Shil Masterclass Lustre provides a brilliant colour rendering. With rich, deep blacks and neutral bright whites, this is the perfect choice for portrait and landscape fine art printing, as well as professional photos and standard portraits.

Shil Masterclass High Gloss

Reflective finish with high colour saturation.

Perfect for works requiring strong colour saturation, this member of the Shil Masterclass range offers a flawless, high gloss finish, and it is pin-sharp down to the finest detail.

This 330 gsm photo paper has a captivating sheen, perfect contrast, and excellent colour definition.

Shil Masterclass Pearl High Gloss

Luxurious shimmer finish with exceptional depth and clarity.

Got something special you need printed?

A metallic pearl 290 gsm with fascinating pearl shimmer, this stock also has a flawless gloss. It has unique depth and a great white point, and any subject will shine on this paper.

This stock is perfect for images of landscapes, weddings and fashion, and especially for subjects that themselves have a high shine or gloss quality — like metals, glass and jewellery.

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